What’s that noise? LEONI develops noise isolation cable for a military radar application

A military radar equipment company approached LEONI in need of a solution to reduce the amount of noise that was preventing any communication from going through the cable installed in their radar application. They had previously tried a USB2/Cat6 solution to prevent the noise; however, this did not work and was not readily available on the market.

As the cable is installed in a radar application, it was necessary to meet the noise isolation criteria of the tempest standard often used by NSA and NATO. LEONI’s highly trained onsite engineering team, worked closely with the customer to understand the application and standards. LEONI evaluated different solutions to ensure that they were providing the customer with the best possible cable for their application.

After doing research on different materials and designs, LEONI identified a proprietary noise absorption compound and when used in conjunction with various interweaving layers of shielding, LEONI was able to exceed the customers’ requirements.

The customer installed the cable successfully into their application allowing communication to go through as intended. Due to the success of the project, the customer went on to develop additional products with LEONI.

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