30 Jan 2019 Press release Products & markets
LEONI Elocab, Ltd. to participate at Pacific Design & Manufacturing, showcasing new product offering: intONE™ for North America

Full Service Solution available on the market which brings you custom-engineered solutions and tailor-made cables.Read more

30 Jan 2019 Press release Products & markets
Leoni certifies cables to the new CC-Link IE standard: Fast communication for Industry 4.0

CC-Link IE, as the leading protocol in Asia, guarantees high speed, various applications and is compatible with the IEEE Ethernet standardRead more

29 Nov 2018 News
LEONI B-Flex Brings True Collaborative Cable Management to Cobot Models

With an increase of collaborative robots in manufacturing environments, more and more cobots are working alongside humans. As these robots are...Read more

15 Feb 2019 – 07:45 am
#LEONI B-Flex made it to Italian TV news. #collaborative robots and according solutions conquer the world. Contact… https://t.co/A8f2LL8Tbl

30 Jan 2019 – 10:49 am
LEONI has been certified by the #CLPA for two new #CCLinkIE Field #cables. These #cables guarantee high speed at th… https://t.co/Y5BREZPrKn

24 Jan 2019 – 04:13 pm
For industrial applications, especially for robotic and welding equipment #LEONI offers half-stiff and flame-retard… https://t.co/IcpOp1pICR

05 Mar – 07 Mar 2019
OFC Conference & Exhibition
San Diego, United States
Convention Center, Booth 5721
17 Mar – 21 Mar 2019
Pittcon Conference & Exposition
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Booth #929
02 Apr – 03 Apr 2019
AmCon Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo
Milwaukee, WI, United States
Wisconsin Center – Hall C
02 Apr – 03 Apr 2019
Milwaukee, WI, United States
Wisconsin Center – Hall C
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