When failure is not an option, LEONI’s superior cable designs for specialized applications will get the job done!

A North American manufacturer of robotics for the Semiconductor industry met with LEONI to discuss what solutions we could provide as they had a need for high flexing cables with a tight space requirement in their application. Their existing cable solution was failing sooner than anticipated and a new solution needed to be found immediately!

The LEONI engineering team was a crucial component in working directly with the customer early on to develop these high flex cables, asking questions regarding how equipment was performing in the field and ultimately eliminate the failures. To confirm our design, prototypes were built and testing was performed on each cable in specific operating modes.

Our engineering team was able to develop high flex cables utilizing existing and readily available components and materials to provide the customer with quick turn-around times, especially when there were spikes in their business markets due to increased sales. The customer was extremely happy with our attention to detail and willingness to help.

After several design iterations, the customer found a LEONI solution that provided them with the best flexing data from samples provided. These cable designs are performing well under the severe stress and tight tolerances that are required and are eliminating early failures in their equipment.