LEONI responds quickly and provides proven results

After experiencing cable failures and delays in equipment manufacturing, LEONI’s engineering team provides a solution to keep this manufacturer on track.

Kitchener – A leading supplier to the automotive industry for welding technology approached LEONI to help with a new cable design, which improved flexing performance & high temperature resistance without failures. The customer’s current supplier was not able to meet the requirements and they were experiencing inconsistent performance in their welding application. Consequently, the customer was experiencing major delays in getting their equipment manufactured and shipped on time and decided they needed a quick solution.

With the help of LEONI Elocab’s highly skilled cable design engineering team, we determined the likely cause of the failures was in fact due to the actual cable design and the materials utilized in their products.

Customization for optimal results

The LEONI engineering team determined that by using the proper stranding and compounds and redefining the layout of the components, this would improve overall cable performance levels in flexing and be able to handle the higher temperatures & voltage outputted by this equipment.  All this would create less downtime and faster turnaround times.  Ultimately providing the customer the best possible product on the market.

By redesigning the cables, LEONI was able to provide our customer a highly flexible cable, designed to withstand higher temperatures and voltage, reducing their downtime and allowing them to meet their shipping demands.  The customer now has confidence in LEONI products and services and that our designs will allow the OEM to meet and exceed strict safety specifications each and every time, saving them and their customers on costly downtime.