Keeping North America’s military and law enforcement in constant contact

North America’s largest custom tactical communication’s designer, manufacturer and supplier reached out to LEONI after unsuccessfully working with more than five round cable competitors. One of their long time business associates recommended them to LEONI after having success working with us as well.

Their biggest challenge had been for years to find a round cable with the desired jacket finish, which was crucial for their processing and the product, used by law enforcement and the military.

The LEONI engineering and sales team spent time with the customer to understand the applications and then evaluate their current product. The current supplier’s product was not easy to process into an assembly and the strength members were located in the cable core in such a way that it was nearly nonfunctioning.  In addition, the jacket texture varied from lot to lot and occasionally was not usable.

The engineering team at LEONI relocated the strength member, reconfigured the cable core, and then selected the appropriate jacket materials and supporting additives. This combination along with carefully developed and documented process parameters would be key to providing the desired outcome.

The customer was thrilled when the LEONI team provided them with a cable specification, as this was the first time they had received one from a supplier. The initial prototype run of two different cable core versions, with three different matted/textured jackets allowed the customer to select their preference.

We are proud to share that in the not too distance future a group of young people defending our rights will be deployed somewhere in the world with a product that will have this LEONI cable.