LEONI ayuda a llevar la automatización al cultivo de hongos

Highly customized robotics require a cable system that is designed specifically for the needs of the application to ensure performance requirements are met.

Kitchener – A technology firm with an expertise in automation, was looking for a custom cable design for their customized robotics machine for picking, sorting and cleaning mushrooms in an organic farming application. They needed a highly customized cable assembly design that would fit into the very small space they had available between the robot picker arm and main control system. This assembly needed to be able to achieve millions of flexing cycles at a tight bend radius.

The customer’s original design was using round cables and trying to squeeze them inside a traditional cable support track, leaving no space for the cables and tubes to move.  Our engineers presented a stack 2-layer HPF self-support design originally, however the customer did not have the space to accommodate this solution. 

Out of the box thinking

The customer shared with us, over several conference calls, their willingness to modify the robot arm to adjust for a proper solution from us.  Ultimately, our Engineers decided the best path would be to create a round, coiled cable assembly, which uniquely fit inside the robot arm.  The customer also made it easier for us by removing the need to have the tubes inside the same cable jacket, and they had those routed elsewhere in their machine.

LEONI has provided the customer a highly customized, coiled cable assembly design, with suggested connectors for easy termination.  We are looking forward to getting started on the initial prototypes.  With a custom, application specific solution from LEONI, this customer can feel confident they have a cable design that will work for years to come.  We are excited to be a partner with this robotics innovator!