ICON instrumentation, control, thermocouple & fieldbus cables

Our solutions for industrial projects fulfil a wide variety of functions: measurement, control, monitoring, energy provision or structured data transmission. All of our cables have the optimum design for the required application. Quality, reliability and longevity give you security for many years – just the kind of top quality you’ve come to expect from the Business Unit Industrial Projects.

UL 13, UL 2250 and UL 1277 and FF-844

Instrumentation, control and thermocouple extension cables according to above standards have to be applied in those systems where “installation and safety regulations” are based on the “National Electrical Code” (NEC). The NEC handbook is published by the “National Fire Protection Association”, a leading US standardization for safety, particularly for fire protection. As installation guide it is mandatory in the USA, however, it is also practiced in some other countries.

All instrumentation, instrumentation control cables, thermocouple cables and fieldbus cables are available also acc. to EN 50288-7, the European standard, which is also well known worldwide.

Product selections

  • PLTC / ITC – Power limited tray cable / Instrument tray cable
  • TC – Tray cables
  • VNTC – Vinyl nylon tray cable
  • Control cables
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Thermocouple extension cables
  • Foundation fieldbus cables
  • Data transmission and communication cables


ICON Instrumentation Cable

ICON Instrumentation Cable

PLTC/ITC and TC Types



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