Round cables for healthcare

LEONI supplies customized cables for medical device applications including anti-microbial cable to reduce infection. Solutions are ever smaller, ever more complex and ever faster, and based on a unique range of components.

LEONI provides the healthcare industry with cables that use medical grade materials and are resistant to various chemicals and sterilization processes. Our cables also have a very high flex life expectancy, including torsional twisting. 

Other attributes include

  • Cut and abrasion resistance
  • Water proof or resistance to water
  • Colour matching and other cosmetic concerns

Our cables have been used in a variety of medical applications such as

  • Operating theatre robotics and surgical room equipment
  • Hand held devices for cosmetic and other medical equipment
  • Portable ultrasound equipment
  • Laboratory equipment for Bio-Medical testing
  • Dental equipment
  • Patient monitoring


Cables and system solutions for medical technology




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