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High Performance Flat (HPF) custom flexible cable

LEONI's High Performance Flex (HPF) cables are custom designed for maximum flex life in high-speed linear flexing applications in automation, material handling, industrial robots, healthcare and other applications.

LEONI developed the High Performance Flex (HPF) cable with low-friction motion for use in applications requiring millions of flex cycles at tight bend radii. Using special fluoropolymer materials,  HPF cables can be designed for specific applications to exceed 150 million cycles at tight radii for any automation, material handling, or industrial robot workcell.

The high-performance flat cables provide a wide variety of useful options. A broad range of individual components can be mixed and matched, allowing you to customize your design to fit your application needs. Hybrid designs can include a variety of coaxial cables and componets for flexing, twisted copper pairs, drive control, fiber optics components, data cables such as Ethernet, Cat5e, Cat6A and Cat7, optical fibers, and even tubes for air, water, ink, etc.  We can also design any custom component you may require!

Maximum flexibility, optimized low-friction motion, and ultra-low particulate wear make these cables well suited for use in any environment where absolute sterility and high mobility are required.  Our High Performance Flex (HPF) cables are UL approved and ISO Class 1 cleanroom rated.


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LEONI's High Performance Flex (HPF) cables are the preferred solution for use in industrial and medical applications, enabling the end user to configure the cable for whatever the application demand including up to 150 million flex cycles.

Our HPF cables can be used without a track system, which allows for a reduced footprint.  Below are more examples of equipment and industries that use HPF cables:

  • Automation and material handling technology
  • Industrial robotics
  • Chip handlers and wafer robotics
  • Automation machines and linear drives
  • Packaging machines and Pick and Place Robotics
  • Laboratory equipment for bio-medical testing
  • Semiconductor vacuum and cleanroom plus applications
  • ISO Class 1 cleanroom ready
  • Low outgassing and particulation


High performance cable solutions

High performance cable solutions

for the world of semiconductors



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