Optical components

Many applications within the industrial and medical industries require the detecting, splitting, switching or shaping of the light beam. Therefore, LEONI offers the necessary components to achieve these tasks. Regardless the environmental conditions of the application, LEONI provides customers with specific solutions for their needs. 

Components that we offer include:

  • Fiber optic bundles and probes
  • Fiber arrays
  • Singlemode and multimode splitters for special applications
  • Optical switches for singlemode and multimode applications

Our product range:

Special optical components

Fiber optical switches

Fiber optical splitters

Special optical components

To operate reliably under the most difficult environmental conditions, LEONI offers various special fibers, fiber optic cables and components, which have approved in a large variety of applications. Whether for the use at extreme temperatures, in harsh industrial environments or even in space LEONI creates exceptional solutions for your exceptional fields of application, i.e.:

  • Fiber bundles
  • Cross section converters
  • Fiber matrix with fiber row and defined fiber arrangements
  • Fiber optic probes
  • Fiber arrays, linear and V-groove arrays
  • Protected fiber assemblies and vacuum feed-through assemblies
  • Flow cells

Examples of the use of fiber optic special components in the most diverse application areas are:

  • Measuring probes in chemical industries
  • Fiber measuring systems for astrophysics
  • Fiber feed-throughs into a vacuum chamber for signal transmission
  • Fiber systems for temperature measurement in the high temperature range
  • Offshore measuring systems in wind turbines or on oil platforms

Our products and systems are the best choice for the measurement of:

  • Reflection, emission, transflectance, transmission
  • Physical, dynamic and geometric parameters such as temperature, pressure, expansion
  • Raman, Rayleigh and Brillouin scattering, fluorescence, etc.

Fiber optical switches

Optical switches for singlemode and multimode applications

LEONI's fiber optical switches are based on a proprietary micro mechanical / micro optical concept. This guarantees superior properties, wide flexibility for many applications and highest long term reliability. The switches are available for broad wavelength ranges – from the visible to the infrared range – and with various fiber types. 

LEONI's switches have been developed to serve applications with the most demanding requirements in the telecommunications, testing and measurements as well as the production and process monitoring and biomedical sector.

Application examples are:

  • Beam guiding systems for confocal and laser scan microscopy
  • Fiber optical tension and temperature sensors
  • Fiber optical measurement systems

Integration of our switches with any existing system is easy due to a maximum input power of 450 mW and standard interfaces. In the EOL 1x16 switch for example, high channel numbers can be reached without cascading, while cascading allows almost any desired combination to be possible. 

Fiber optical splitters

Planar lightwave circuits (PLC) are based on LEONI's planar waveguide technology that allow maximum performance and exceptional long-term stability.

The singlemode standard product portfolio includes low-loss and broadband 1xN and 2xN splitters with up to 64 channels. The range of applications is broad, including sensor technologies and optical power transfer. Based on customer application needs, products can be developed for the near infrared wavelength range (NIR: 780 nm – 1060 nm) and also for the visible wavelength range (VIS).

LEONI's splitters are characterized as follows:

  • Very low insertion loss
  • High uniformity
  • High extinction rate
  • Lowest PDL
  • Widest bandwidth (780 nm – 1060 nm or 1260 nm – 1650 nm)
  • Small, rugged metal housing
  • Any fiber assembly
  • Own connectors
  • Exceptional long-term stability – tested according to Telcordia GR 1209 and 1221


Fiber Optics

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FiberSwitch® Optical switch integrated pattern defect detection system

for semiconductor manufacturing


FiberSwitch® Optical switch integrated defect detection system

for semiconductor manufacturing


FiberSwitch® Optical switch integrated CMP system

(Chemical Mechanical Polishing) for semiconductor manufacturing



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