Fiber optic cables

We at LEONI take it very serious to make fast and trouble-free communications possible. Therefore, we provide customer-specific solutions for applications ranging from sensor technology over to plant engineering and telecommunications. No matter what the requirements, LEONI will make sure to supply the ideal optical fiber solution. 

Fiber optical cables with singlemode or multimode fibers allow high data transmission rates with extensive spare capacity as well as the highest possible degree of operating security. 

Our selection of fiber optic cables include:

  • Industrial cables
  • Office cables
  • Outdoor cables
  • FTTH-applications
  • Marine cables
  • Military cables
  • Cables with UL approval
  • Connectors and adapters
  • Pulling-aid systems

Our sales, engineering and production team will make sure to develop and produce the right cable solution for your specific needs.


Fiber Optics

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