We provide standard and special assemblies of fiber optic systems for applications in the fields of industry, energy, Life Science, transportation and optical metrology. Benefit from our competence in influencing the fiber properties and creating customer-specific fiber solutions. We can rely on an entire value chain – from ultrapure fused silica to the assembly of the finished fiber. The production of fibers and cables in LEONI's own facilities and their careful assembly under laboratory conditions ensure superior properties and maximum reliability. In addition to standard products, we offer a range of special product functionalities and customer-specific assembly.

Service features:

  • All fiber and cable types (including hybrid cables)
  • All connector types
  • Various tube types as assembly option
  • Every attenuation grade for different customer requirements
  • Customer-specific length
  • Customer-specific assembly
  • Customer-specific cable printing
  • Additional selective printing of the cable jacket during the process of cutting to length

Laser cable assemblies

Laser cable assemblies for industrial, defense and scientific applications

Based on the proprietary LEONI High-Power Technology, LEONI's laser cables are specially designed for transferring laser beam energy generated by industrial and medical laser systems. Laser fiber cables have to withstand high power levels in applications used, ranging from several watt up to several kilowatt. The sizes of cable cores range from 100 to 1000 microns. All fiber-coupled laser systems emitting in the UV to IR wavelength region, like high-power semiconductor lasers, solid-state lasers and fiber lasers are included in the application range of LEONI laser cables. In the industrial area, diode lasers are transmitting over 600 W of power through CuSMA™ cables. Higher powers can usually be expected as the more powerful lasers become available. 

Several features make LEONI laser cables with our proprietary High-Power Technology unique and tailored to the needs of our customers in the laser industry. 

Product portfolio:

  • Fused silica fibers and capillaries
  • Laser cables with SMA and FC interface
  • Laser cables with LD-80 interface
  • Laser cables with ModeStrip technology
  • Robotic laser cables
  • Hybrid optical-electrical cable solutions
  • Cables with break-detection
  • Keyed fiber connectors
  • Liquid-cooled connectors

Medical laser probes

The LEONI advantage: We specialize in fiber optical solutions for laser delivery used in many medical fields and procedures.

Laser fibers

  • Disposable and reusable laser fibers for use with holmium and high-power holmium laser systems
  • Fibers for use with KTP and Nd:YAG lasers
  • Disposable and reusable fibers for diode lasers

Our laser fibers have been used in a variety of medical fields and procedures including lithotripsy and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) treatment in urology, varicose veins treatment, ENT procedures, aesthetic surgery and general surgery.

For original equipment manufacturers

With more than 20 years of experience manufacturing fiber optic technologies for customers, coupled with world-wide manufacturing capabilities, LEONI can produce your technology using the highest standards. We can offer fiber solutions customizing materials to match for example your wavelengths and NA requirements – contact us with your needs for your next laser project. 

For healthcare facilities

Please contact us to find a distributor in your area. 


As an assembly option, LEONI provides protection tubes for a variety of fiber configurations to prevent damage by longitudinal and transversal forces or environmental influences. Tubes can be used for length of up to 200 m, depending on the diameter and type of the optical fiber, diameter and type of the tube as well as the cable composition. Based on the optical fiber that is being used, fibers can also be protected by special tubes with limited bending. Customer-specific marking can be printed on the tubes.


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