Robot & tool calibration

Robot Tool Calibration

The advintec TCP tool calibration system calibrates the tool electronically in up to six dimensions. The robot program is automatically corrected by the measured variations and ensures that the tool always operates at the correct position. advintec TCP is a high-precision calibration system that can be used for all robot types and for machines with rotationally symmetrical tools, making it independent of specific manufacturers.

TCP robot tool calibration applications:

  • Arc welding: Automated torch calibration and correction of the TCP in 2D, 3D, or 5D including wire centering check. The calibration system can be integrated directly into the torch-cleaning station. Optionally, the system can take over the control of the torch cleaner via an integrated I/O-module. 
  • Stud welding: Automated calibration of a stud-welding head. Exact calculation of the tool-axis along the line of travel of the slide (TCP-5D calibration).
  • Milling/Drilling: Automated calibration of milling tools and drill bits including tool breakage detection. Predestined for spindles with automatic tool changers. Stores the dimensions of multiple tools and checks whether the correct tool was loaded. 
  • Sealing: Automated calibration of sealant nozzles with custom geometries. Very accurate calculation of the position and orientation of the TCP including nozzle geometry check and sealant build-up detection.
  • Handling: Automated 6D calibration of robotic grippers. Ideally suited for tool changers and high-precision applications such as power-train assembly. Compensation for temperature drift. 

Custom Tool Positioning Calibration Systems for Bin Picking, Material Handling

When calibrating robots, offline programs generated in a previous simulation are compared with the physical conditions of the system in production. After all, even the smallest variation can disrupt or even stop the production process. Many years of experience in the area of sensors also qualify us to calibrate robots. We use our high-precision measuring systems, which can also be used online, as well as specially developed devices, cameras, and laser trackers as appropriate to your requirements. 

Bin picking: The challenge

In modern production plants, it is often necessary to extract parts that are being delivered in bins for further processing in a fully automated way. To this end, industrial robots are mostly used. If the part is not exactly located where expected, the robot cannot continue its operating cycle. Our custom tool calibration systems can:

  • Guide the robot via an electronic part calibration system
  • Calibrate the part position (translation and rotation) by means of sensors integrated within the gripper
  • Automate adjustment of pick position

Benefits of custom calibration positioning systems:

  • Cost savings compared to conventional mechanical systems
  • Reduce maintenance costs and time as well as downtime caused by robot crashes
  • Robot guidance independent of lighting conditions or part variations for electronic tool sensors, such as the TCP line
  • Reduce training requirements of users and maintenance staff by simplifying procedures
  • Compact, light, robust, and integrated directly into the gripper, the system can be retrofitted to the production line without time-consuming modifications


advintec TCP

advintec TCP

Tool data calculation & tool calibration in up to 6 dimensions



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