Robot dresspacks

LSH 3 Robot dresspack maximizes uptime

Dresspacks, also known as umbilicals, provide all power, data, water, and air needed to make a robot work. Integrated umbilicals combine power and data cables as well as pneumatic and hydraulic hoses into a highly flexible protective jacket, replacing the conventional "spaghetti" method of dressing industrial robots with loose bundles of individual cables and hoses.

LEONI has completely redesigned the LSH guided robot dresspack solution to be more reliable, compact, and flexible, thus making the LSH 3 the most innovative dresspack solution in the global market. Its intelligent and extremely compact design minimizes one of the most common causes of error for robot power supply – collision with interfering contours. This benefit, in combination with extremely durable materials and proven components, creates maximum clearance with a close-fitting dresspack on the robot arm.

The LSH 3's benefits include:

  • Compact design: fewer interfering contours and lower risk of collision
  • Significantly reduced volume, overall weight, and length
  • Maximum flexibility for dresspack routing
  • Compatibility with all LSH versions without the need for any additional programming
  • Compatible to corrugated and smooth yellow tube umbilicals
  • Significantly faster replacement of dresspacks in comparison with earlier models
  • No maintenance on the retraction element required
  • UL V0 protective cover
  • All components are subjected to extensive field testing

LSH 3 is available for new robots, regardless of size, manufacturer, type, or application, as well as retrofits and upgrades for existing work cells. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or overhead. Each system can accommodate up to two dresspacks with the widest range of nominal diameters. Optionally, a rotating pivot bearing can be mounted on the front end, which supports even the most extreme movement sequences while reducing stress on the dresspack. The standard extension length of the LSH 3 is 350 mm. Mounting can take place on a customer-specific basis on axis 3, with or without adapter plate.

Do you have special requirements? We would be glad to write up an individual offer for you.

Your LSH 3 –Your Individual Design

Let us know if you would like your LSH 3 housing in a custom color or provided with your company logo. We can also provide the LSH 3 with custom extension lengths after prior arrangement.

LSH 2 dresspack solution

LEONI's LSH 2 dresspack is the toughest, smartest, and most compact guided robotic dresspack for routing robot cabling and tooling lines available in the industry today. Don't be fooled by imitators. LEONI's LSH 2 uses only the most rugged materials, manufactured to highest quality requirements, and installed and tested on each and every robot we outfit. 

LEONI's Business Unit Robotic Solutions is an industry-leading developer of robotic hoses, cables, dresspacks, functional packages for fully integrated robots, robot calibration, PLC and robotic programming, and maintenance programs for the automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and general manufacturing industries. Please email us for more information, or call 248-484-5502 to learn how we can improve your uptime with dress packs that do away with traditional "spaghetti" hose and cable solutions.  



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