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We are an industry-leading machine vision integrator, developing machine vision robot-guidance solutions for industries such as automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and general manufacturing markets.

LEONI's machine vision solutions is the first machine vision integrator to be named by AIA, the North American machine vision trade association, as a Certified Systems Integrator (CSI). We also have more advanced-level Certified Vision Professionals (CVP) than any other machine vision integrator. Using our in-house machine vision development lab and highly qualified engineering team, LEONI's machine vision solutions regularly solves the most difficult machine vision inspection, assembly, and verification applications in the automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and general manufacturing markets.

How do we do it? LEONI's machine vision solutions engineers start with in-depth front-end analysis and an engineering feasibility study to build a well-informed foundation for the vision solution design. Then we design, commission, document, and train your operators on your custom solution using the best machine vision hardware and software for your application – not our partner's software or a preferred hardware provider. 

Machine vision feasibility study

At LEONI, our engineers begin with an engineering feasibility study before we start a system design. For example, if your application calls for part gauging, we do a careful part tolerance (PT) ratio study based on part samples from your production to make sure the system can perform with the accuracy and repeatability you require, whether it be 5 % PT for an aerospace application or 40 % for general manufacturing. 

Based on Six Sigma standard deviation PT ratios, our vision solutions integrators apply their physics and design knowledge to make sure we specify lights, optics, and cameras that provide just the right amount of performance. This ensures that you don't pay for more than you need, or end up putting the machine vision system in bypass mode due to failure to achieve required performance.

Machine vision system design

Our Vision Solutions is ISO 9001 certified, which means we have an ISO-certified process for designing our machine vision systems. Although much of the design work to integrate a machine vision system is done during the feasibility study – when the design is proven mathematically based on production samples and real-world machine vision component tolerances – our Vision Solutions leaves nothing to chance. We set up a beta test system of your machine vision system in our laboratory and test it against sample parts from our customers to make sure that our machine vision system will perform as predicted. 

We take all aspects into account, including the sensor, optics, software, and computer hardware; mechanical and electrical designs; and robot and programmable logic controller (PLC) programming, if required. Our machine vision integrators look at all standards (both industry and customer), user interfaces, external production systems such as manufacturing execution systems (MES), and all other relevant factors. After we finish the design and test phase, including all programming, we move to commissioning.


We identify a single project manager for every customer project. Working with the customer, we develop GANT charts to ensure that all contractors and specialists are doing their jobs and minimizing the impact on the customer's production facilities. 

We look at all electric and network drops before we install the equipment to make sure there are no surprises during the commissioning phase, including any physical access requirements that will impact moving the machinery into place on your production floor. We agree to run-off terms prior to commissioning, and we're on site until the run-off is complete, and you, the customer, are happy with the results.

Documentation and training

We believe that the best-working vision systems are owned and operated by the plant personnel. In order for this to work, we like to create a thorough manual for our solutions and spend necessary time training people with this manual on the installed system. The goal is that, after training, our customers feel confident in their ability to maintain and develop the systems we install. LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc. is registered as a school of learning with the state of Michigan and has a dedicated training department of professional technical writers and instructors. 

We develop our own application-specific training curricula based on the needs of the customer and the level of expertise available on site. We own one of the few professional-grade book printers in the state of Michigan, on which we print the manuals for each training session. Our documentation includes all mechanical and electrical drawings, as well as lists of consumables, including maintenance guidelines and checklists to guarantee maximum uptime.


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