SFP+ cable systems

With its innovative copper-based SFP+ solution, LEONI offers a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to fiber-optic modules. The new unit, optimized in several areas, consists of a SFP+ connector plug designed from scratch and a twin axial 100 Ohm data cable. The copper data cable for 10 GB/s Ethernet and 8,5 GB/s fiber channel applications is available as passive solution with application lengths up to 7 m and active product version with application lengths up to 15 m.

While the design of the circuit boards focused on significantly reducing the near-end crosstalk of signal pairs, the new plug housing scores with excellent EMC-shielding characteristics. Other unique features are the extremely reliable strain relief with inner and outer crimp rings as well as the easy release mechanism, which is enabled through a new spring mechanism. 
With a tensile strength of 250 N and its excellent NEXT characteristics, LEONI´s copper-based SFP+ solution sets new standards.

SFP+ (Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus) is an I/O interface system developed to reduce space requirements and energy consumption in data centres and high-performance computing centres, high performance computing and the entire network storage market.


High speed interconnects and loopbacks

High speed interconnects and loopbacks

800 G to 10 G



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