Global Leader in Custom Cable and Systems Designs

LEONI Elocab Ltd. has launched intONE™ to optimize your cable requirements, providing the first ever custom engineered Full Service Solution available in the global market.  When you work with our highly skilled engineering team on an intONE™ project you will receive:

  • 3D CAD models ready to be integrated into your equipment design
  • 3D mapping of the cable assembly routing within your product
  • Component identification, selection and qualification
  • Full project management services
  • Rapid prototyping with <4-6 weeks turnaround times
  • Increased speed to market
  • Unique logistical service to assist in production volume sourcing

LEONI provides competitive solutions starting at industry leading 300ft minimum order, small to medium size assembly projects and high-volume production runs due to global manufacturing facilities.

We love to solve your challenges and thrive in extremely complex projects!

Take advantage of the expertise of 92,000 people in 32 countries working with Fortune 500 and other highly innovative companies like yours providing outstanding value. 

Below are the industries that we specialize in, however we offer solutions for any industry!

Machinery & Sensors

  • Engineering and design from a single source
  • Cable designs customized to your specific application
  • Hybrid, coaxial cable and fiber optics
  • Miniature & Microminiature
  • Cable assemblies and cable systems
  • Measuring, controlling and vision technologies
  • Public authorities and Municipality inspection equipment (ie. sewer, water, etc)
  • Geophysical monitoring
  • Factory automation and industrial robotics
  • Machine building and automation
  • Pick and place equipment


  • Engineering and design from a single source
  • Ultrasound, patient monitoring and Endoscopy cables
  • ECG/EEG/MEG cables
  • Cleanroom ready cables
  • High Performance Flat (HPF) and Flexible Sleeve Technology (FST)
  • Cable assemblies and cable systems
  • Endoscopy
  • Aesthetics
  • Surgical Robots
  • Imaging (ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, etc.)
  • Patient Monitoring


  • Engineering and design from a single source
  • Wafer processing
  • Class one cleanroom ready
  • Vacuum applications
  • Application specific choice of material
  • High speed pick and place
  • Test & measurement equipment
  • Advanced lithography
  • Data processing and control systems
  • Photolithography systems
  • Wafer handling equipment
  • Inspection equipment
  • Pick and place equipment

LEONI Offers Superior Cable and Assembly Solutions for your Next Project

Custom Hybrid Round Cables

  • Engineering and design from a single source
  • Cable designs customized to your application
  • Hybrid designs can integrate a wide range of features, fiber optics, coax, air/water. hoses, etc.
  • Manufactured to CE, UL, and CSA standards
  • Custom made cables with minimum orders of 300ft/100m

High Performance Flat & FST

  • Cables can be designed to exceed 150 million cycles at a tight bend radii
  • Customizable with a wide variety of individual components can be mixed and matched
  • Components can include many varieties of single wires, twisted pairs, coaxial cables, data cables & optical fibers
  • Maximum flexibility, optimized low friction and ultra low particulate wear
  • Class 1 clean room ready

Miniature & Microminiature

  • Light weight and compact
  • Low noise
  • High voltage capability
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Optimum EMC/I properties
  • Integrated system solutions





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