Industrial projects: Best connection in plant engineering

Instrumentation, control and thermocouple extension cables according to UL 13, UL 2250 and UL 1277 standards have to be applied in those systems, where “installation & safety regulations” are based on the “National Electrical Code” (NEC). The NEC handbook is published by the “National Fire Protection Association”, a leading US standardization for safety, particularly for fire protection.

LEONI in Americas allows us to give our customers access to the entire competence of a worldwide corporation, focused to meet the needs of industrial applications. We supply our products and solutions wherever everything depends on maximum reliability, quality and durability.

Up & Downstream / Refining Oil & Gas · Petrochemical Industry · Chemical Industry · Power Stations  · Concentrated Solar Power  · Engineering / Contracting Companies

Rolling stock applications: LEONI is a worldwide leading provider of standard and customised specialist cables as well as pre-fabricated cable systems.

We provide our customers with all the expertise of a global enterprise, focused on the needs of the rolling stock industry. With our extensive product and service portfolio for the internal and external cabling of rolling stock, we accompany you over the entire life cycle of your vehicles – worldwide.

As a strong partner, we offer you application-specific cables and cable system solutions according to national and international standards. In the process, you can rely on our well-established industry and product knowledge and our long-time experience.

Our fields of competence:

  • High-speed trains
  • Regional commuter trains
  • Locomotives
  • Trams
  • Underground trains
  • Freight trains
  • Passenger carriages
  • Commuter and multi-unit coaches
  • O-buses