Individual endoscopy cables and cable systems

Besides excellent electrical and mechanical performance, our solutions for different endoscopic applications have a special focus on improved patient comfort and hygienic product design.

Our own jacket material by the name of LEONI si-tec improves the stick-slip behavior of our silicone cables – without any additional surface treatment. Tricky spots at the connections are sealed nearly a 100% by overmolding with biocompatible silicone, thermoplastics or thermoplastic elastomers. Plugs, grommets and y-splitters are molded with such matched materials as epoxy resin, adhesive or silicone.

Cable storage modules for mobile C-arm x-ray machines

Medical staff enjoy the wide range of orbital movement and how easy a mobile C-arm is to direct – a user benefit that is achieved thanks not least to cabling that favors freedom of movement.

In close collaboration with the OEM, we have developed special cable storage modules for C-arm x-ray machines. Within the ready-to-install solutions, the supply and data cables are fed across several rollers and reels with virtually no strain. Thanks to this intelligent cable routing and with an additionally reduced cable number and volume, the C-arm can be moved vibration-free and effortlessly with a force of less than 50 N.

Fiber optics for diagnostics and treatment – healing light

Optical laser probes for medical applications

We offer a turnkey solution that spans a wide range of expertise for the medical device industry. Our complete value chain includes:

  • Preform manufacturing
  • Fiber drawing
  • Assembly
  • Sterilization and packaging

Due to our extensive value chain and expertise in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical laser probes we can be an attractive partner for the development of medical devices for new fields of applications.For detailed information, please visit our Business Unit Fiber Optics website


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