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Cabling solutions for data centers

Availability, flexibility and future-proofness are the first priorities in modern data centers. A further challenge is posed by the constant increase in the packing density.

Hyperscale, cloud and other data-intensive virtualized data centers are constantly pushing the data rates upwards. Switch technologies for 25, 40, 50 and 100 GbE are making new demands on the cabling systems.

IT cablings in data centers are standardized in ISO/IEC 11801-5. The requirements have already led to the introduction of the new Ethernet standards for 40 and 100 GbE, such as IEEE 802.3ba. Further standards such as 25 and 50 GbE for the passive network infrastructure are currently in the process of implementation. Cabling systems have to take this into account and must in particular be migratable, that is, it must be possible to use them for the next generations of active components without having to change the structure of the cabling.

For this purpose, LEONI has developed the new scalable cabling system DClink, which fully meets these requirements.

Ethernet cabling in the industrial environment

Data communication in industry now means much more than just connecting actuators and sensors. Standardization, growing communication requirements and aspects of economic efficiency have been increasing the demands made on data networks in the industrial environment for a number of years now.

The worlds of office and industry are coming together more and more thanks to Industry 4.0 on the basis of the Ethernet protocol. High-speed communication in the office is combining with communication under aggravated environmental conditions in the industrial environment. The use of suitable network components allows both worlds to be connected in an economically sound and highly performant way.

Here, too, the MegaLine® and GigaLine® brands stand for quality and performance!

Cabling systems for the network infrastructure

The ability of a company to act is based on a modern and highly available data network. Rapidly increasing data transfer rates and new applications require a maximum of flexibility and efficiency if the demands on the data network are still to be met 10 years from now.

FO technology in the backbone area and copper technology in network management or the connection of workplaces complement each other harmoniously. In this way, the aspects of security, IP telephony, Power over Ethernet, multimedia, wireless applications and cable-sharing can be combined in an economically efficient way.

The requirements for a structured application-neutral data cabling of this kind are standardized internationally in ISO/IEC 11801.


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