Why you can’t afford NOT to have a LEONI custom cable

Kitchener – You have spent months or even years making sure your new equipment is perfect, looking over every detail to make sure that nothing has been missed, but what about the cable? Let’s be honest, custom cable design can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have an in-house expert. This is where LEONI comes in. With over 100 years of history in the wire and cable industry and over 30 years in custom cable design, we can make sure that your cable design will be as perfect as your product!

Often the cable is one of the last pieces to be investigated when designing a new product and with the tight time constraints that come with new product design, off the shelf cables are unfortunately often the go-to.  When customer’s approach us because they are experiencing failures in the field, the number one cause is due to an improperly designed cable.  With direct and indirect downtime costs estimated to be easily upwards of millions of dollars, you can’t afford NOT to have a LEONI custom cable!

Quality right from the start

Our design specialists look at many different variables in the design such as the end application, application environment, cable movement (static or moving), flex life expectations, space constraints and much more.  With 1000’s of new cable designs done each year for various applications and markets, our engineering team has the knowledge and experience to design a cable specific to your application needs.

LEONI Elocab Ltd. has a wide range of product solutions such as custom flat cables, hybrid round and composite round solutions.  We have even developed our own industry-first high flexing data components such as Cat6A, Cat7 and USB 3.2, that can be integrated into your round or flat cable design and a full-service assembly department.  Visit our website www.leoni-americas.com for more information on our products or email us at infocables@leoni.com to speak with a design specialist.