When efficiency and accuracy are critical, leaders in Medical Diagnostics turn to LEONI to provide solutions!

A leader in Medical Diagnostic automation equipment reached out to LEONI as they were experiencing “bowing” which was effecting the operating arm assembly causing it to rub on the equipment while in motion, this caused premature failures in the cable assemblies. They were looking for a tight flexing cable that they believed would eliminate the bowing. LEONI’s High Performance Flex (HPF) cables provide the perfect solution to these issues.

Over several months, LEONI Elocab engineers met with the customer to review the dimensional and bowing issues. After seeing the application in motion, engineering resolved the problems with a redesign of the cable to be smaller in width to fit properly around internal components. This solution fixed the bowing as well with the new design by properly fitting LEONI’s proprietary support member in the proper position to give the cable the greatest support without the use of a bulky track.

This equipment analyzes molecular, urinalysis, blood gages and other fluids to provide medical professionals and hospital staff with the vital information they need to deliver better, more personalized healthcare to patients.

LEONI is the leader in custom medical flat cables, providing our customers with solutions that best suit their application needs and thrive in complex situations. ISO Class 1 Cleanroom ready cables and the use of medical grade materials, makes LEONI the perfect choice for your next project. To learn more about our cables and their use in other Laboratory Diagnostic applications visit our website https://www.leoni-americas.com/us/laboratorydiagnostics/ or email us to speak with one of our expert team members at infocables@leoni.com