Updated status on the LEONI Americas plants

We are here for you!

  • LEONI Cable de México:

Mexican government has approved a safe reopening of our facilities in Cuauhtémoc and Apaseo el Grande. Since May 26th, we slowly ramp up our production in accordance to customer demands.

The opening goes along with a number of measures to ensure the safety of our employees and the community in order to allow a safe start.

Our sales and engineering office LEONI Cable Inc. will continue to ensure its availability with tele-work as long as the Michigan Stay at Home Requirement is in place.

For any questions, please address yourself to william.livengood@leoni.com


  • LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc., in Lake Orion, Michigan and Nashville, Tennessee is fully operational. We are back to serve all of our customers.

Remain healthy and safe and take care!