Updated status on the LEONI Americas plants

We are here for you! The coronavirus (COVID 19) is still affecting many regions, but things may be starting to re-open.

As the spread virus worsened, we have been observing its impact, and evaluating the risks for our operations and the supply chain. At an early stage, we took measures to control the impact for our customers, suppliers, and employees. All LEONI entities are observing the applicable federal, state, and local guidance, laws and regulations.

Actual status

  • LEONI Wire Inc., Chicopee, has reopened its production as planned on 04 May 2020, and is back to regular operations, integrating guidance from the US CDC with respect to safety and hygiene measures.
  • LEONI Cable de México, including its Chihuahua and Apaseo locations, remain shut down until 30 May 2020 for non-essential activity due to the extension of the lockdown conditions by the Mexican government. Limited re-opening may be possible 11 May 2020, in accordance with the Mexican federal decree allowing certain manufacturing operations for the automotive industry. For further details, please contact william.livengood@leoni.com.
  • LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc., in Lake Orion, Michigan and Nashville, Tennessee, is still operating with a “skeleton crew”. We are limiting our activities to essential business customers supporting critical infrastructure in the U.S. The restart of full production is anticipated on 11 May 2020, under proper safety and hygienic conditions. The Michigan executive order mandating “stay-at-home” work remains in effect for certain workers through 28 May 2020.
  • LEONI Elocab in Kitchener, Ontario is a major supplier to essential businesses serving critical infrastructure needs in the healthcare and manufacturing industries. We remain open for you and your wire and cable needs, and we continue to observe guidance with respect to social distancing and personal protective equipment.
  • LEONI Fiber Optics, Inc. plant in Williamsburg, VA is operating normally, incorporating social distancing and remote work measures, and continuing to service customers that are suppliers of goods and materials related to critical infrastructure.

Our focus on the safety of our employees leads us to follow official health guidance and recommendations, as well as our own comprehensive hygienic and safety instructions. We are taking such steps while continuing to maintain the interests of serving our customers.

We will monitor the evolution of the pandemic, and the respective decisions of governments and public authorities, and advise you of any impact on our deliveries.

Each of our company’s sales teams are available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

We hope to see light at the end of the tunnel soon, may our longstanding and trusted relationship support our companies in overcoming this extraordinary time.

Remain healthy and safe and take care!