Tight space constraints and high flex life no match for LEONI’s High Performance Flex cables

A leading manufacturer of robotic equipment for the Semiconductor industry approached LEONI and challenged us to provide a high flex life cable and cable assembly to be used in a next generation Wafer Handling Robot performing a variety of motions within a Class 8 Clean Room.

LEONI’s trained engineering and sales team assessed and consulted with the customer to determine the ideal product offering for both continuous motions and made recommendations on the proper method to route and clamp the cable assembly.

It was obvious to the customer that LEONI’s High Performance Flex (HPF) cable was the best solution for their application due to the cables ability to withstand very high flex cycles at a tight bend radius. LEONI’s experience in previous HPF cable systems including clock spring motions quickly assured the customer that they had found the right partner.

LEONI developed the initial set of prototype cable and cable assemblies for these robots and they are currently being qualified. The robots anticipated market release is expected in 2020.

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