Semiconductor manufacturer finds true partnership with LEONI Elocab Ltd.

Kitchener – An American Semiconductor manufacturer reached out to LEONI Elocab Ltd. searching for a true partner and source for a flat cable solution that could withstand high flex life. Although their current source was well known in the market, there was a strong desire for shared technical expertise, improved business communications and reduced lead times – all points the incumbent supplier fell short.

Early in the process, LEONI’s engineering team began to work directly with the customer’s engineering team to open the lines of communication to ensure the cable design needed for the application was meeting all expectations, as the current supplier failed to provide a cable that could meet the demands of their application.  The LEONI engineering team was able to address areas of concern and improve the life expectancy of the cable by using our High Performance Flat Flex (HPF) cable.

Quick prototyping for design validation

The customer purchased prototype cables to qualify the High Performance Flat Flex product offering and withing one year has converted their business 100% to LEONI cable solutions.

Five years later, LEONI continues to be the preferred supplier and the partnership has grown from bulk cable to cable assemblies, allowing us to provide them with a full turn-key solution for their cables.