Saving lives with a LEONI Elocab custom hybrid cable design

LEONI’s skilled engineering team was able to help a Medical Diagnostic Company solve their cable failure by switching to a LEONI product, after experiencing continued equipment downtime with a cable designed by a LEONI competitor. The Medical Diagnostic Company, who develops minimally invasive endoscopy equipment, required a very small outer diameter and specific electrical components and small gauge sizes, making it impossible to find an off the shelf solution. In addition to the specialized electrical requirements, the jacket material needed to be patient friendly. LEONI was up for the challenge!

Working closely with the customer, the LEONI engineering team explained the benefits of using materials that would provide them with the best results. The end result, a custom hybrid cable, with 32 and 28 AWG wires to meet the needs of the customers’ requirements, both electrically and dimensionally. A medical grade TPR was used for the jacket material allowing more comfort for both the patient and the clinician. Due to LEONI’s small minimum order quantities, the customer was able to order cable for prototyping and testing, and after the first round of prototypes, their expectations were exceeded and required no further changes.