Rise of the Cobots

While the use of collaborative robots or more commonly referred to, cobots, is still relatively new in the manufacturing industry, the use of Artificial Intelligence is on the rise and Loup Ventures research reports, it is anticipated that the industrial robotics market is expected to grow by 175% over the next decade.

With world-renowned robotics companies like FANUC developing full product lines of collaborative robots, that include built in sensors, and automation technology, you want to ensure that the cables used in these robots are able to meet these demands.

LEONI Elocab Ltd.’s High Performance Flex cables (HPF), are highly flexible and can withstand upwards of 150 million life cycles.  Each one of our HPF cables can be 100% customizable to include data, fiber and power components to allow for accurate data transfer and decreased lifecycle, while meeting the high degrees of rotation and small footprint of the robot arm joints.  LEONiQ offers a series of smart services including early warning systems, improving preventative maintenance and reducing downtime costs.  To learn more about how to integrate this into your LEONI design visit the LEONiQ website www.leoni.com/en/company/digitalization/intelligent-cable-solutions/

Our intONE™ service allows robotics companies to focus on their application while we develop the cable and assemblies that are designed specifically for the robot and its requirements. To learn more about how we can work with you on your application contact us at infocables@leoni.com or visit our website www.leoni-americas.com/intone