Rapid growth and a specialized jacket texture lead Canadian Geotechnical Instrument Manufacturer to LEONI for help!

A Canadian Geotechnical Instrument leader had grown at such a rapid rate that their current supplier was no longer able to keep up with their ever-growing demand. They had gone through the process to qualify other suppliers; however, none of them could match the unique textured jacket requirements. They reached out to LEONI after being recommended by a highly reputable distributor.

The jacket texture was crucial to the customer’s product. With the joint effort of LEONI Elocab’s engineering, production and sales team, LEONI was able to achieve the desired texture, and after some trial runs, LEONI developed a formalized repeatable process for perfect jacket texture each time!

Due to LEONI’s ability to not only produce the required jacket texture but also to keep up with the customers growing demand, we went on to develop other cables for their new product development.

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