Providing our customers with a quality cable they can trust

After experiencing several failures in the field, this Geotechnical Instrument leader turned to LEONI to design a cable they knew they could trust!

Kitchener – A Geotechnical Instrument leader who had worked with LEONI previously on other projects, had recently been experiencing quality issues from their current supplier as well as maintaining a consistent and uniform cable OD. The OD of the cable was crucial to fit into tooled ferrules that are used to drill down into the ground up to 500m deep and measure land movement. In addition to the critical cable OD, the cable also needed to be strong enough to pull the cables up out of the ground with the sensor module attached.

Samples of the competitor’s cable was sent to the LEONI engineering team to evaluate and see how the design could be improved.  After a careful look into the design, it was discovered that the Aramid Fibers used to increase the strength of the cable, had too high a break strength for the small fibers, causing the break.  

Quality right from the start

LEONI’s engineering team worked closely with the production team to narrow down the design that would provide the best solution for the customer.  A prototype order of 300ft was built, using sensor equipment to ensure we were meeting the tight OD requirement.

The collaboration between the customer, LEONI engineering and our production team, helped us to provide a cable solution to the Geotechnical leader that will allow them to gather the measurements needed without any further quality issues.  Our customer is happy with the support and teamwork that was provided to find a solution.