Protect Your Robot Investment with LEONI Cable Management Systems

A robot is only as effective as its components. If cables or hoses are unable to transmit power, data, or media, production could grind to a halt. Backed by years of experience, LEONI custom-designs robust cable management systems to customers’ exact requirements, using extremely durable materials and proven components that withstand the stresses caused by millions of bending cycles.

LEONI’s expertise in designing cable management systems for traditional industrial robots now extends to lightweight and collaborative robots with the recent introduction of the LEONI B-Flex cable management system.

The flexible, anti-slip LEONI B-Flex can be installed on any type of robot arm and on surfaces such as aluminum, varnish, and cast iron. LEONI B-Flex’s adjustable straps ease installation; there’s no need for tools, screw connections, or modifications to the robot. Application on various diameters of the robot arm is simple thanks to the LEONI B-Flex’s ideal bending properties and flexibility of the cable mounting brackets.

The LEONIB-Flex cable management system reduces the chance of robots colliding with interfering contours, such as sharp edges and metal parts, keeping workers safe. The adjustable brackets also simplify maintenance and repairs.

All LEONI cable management systems go through an extensive testing process to ensure functionality before installation at the customer’s facility or line builder. LEONI continues to support its customers by offering on-site installation, optimization, and repair. After-sale services are available through individual service calls or preventive maintenance contracts. 

By 2020, more than 1.7 million new robots are expected to be installed in factories around the globe. With this influx of robots, reliable cable management systems will become even more important. LEONI’s standard and custom-designed cable management systems optimize a robot’s performance and help protect manufacturers’ investment.