Out of the box thinking helps meet customers shipping demands

An industrial robotics manufacturer approached LEONI about re-developing their current cable solution that required more consistent web dimensions. The current solution was making it difficult to properly strip back each pod to connectorize and attach to the refurbished automation equipment. The OEM was experiencing major delays in manufacturing and shipments and needed a quick solution.

After careful review of the current solution, LEONI Elocab’s engineering team determined the cause of the inconsistent web dimensions, and designed a cable with custom tooling to correct this issue.

With proper tooling and running the product on Elocab’s state of the art equipment, we could maintain the critical web dimensions the customer needed to properly slit the pods and be able to attach the conductors to the equipment using minimal labor.

With LEONI Elocab’s ability to think outside the box, we determined the root cause of the customer’s cable failures, created a quick solution and the customer was able to get their production back on track producing a quality product that exceeded their customer’s expectations. This quick fix saved the customer on costly downtime, resulting in more finished products shipped.