LEPS Stocks Industrial Cables for Immediate Delivery

When industrial customers need robust cables for fast, reliable communications performance, they can’t afford to wait. At the same time, few manufacturers can afford to purchase, store, and maintain months’ worth of inventory at a time. To eliminate long lead times and provide customers with greater maneuverability, LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc. (LEPS) now stocks a variety of cables for immediate shipment for factory automation, marine and offshore applications, and more.

Under LEPS’ new consignment program, North American customers can receive orders within 24 to 48 hours of placement. They can also determine their lengths of contract, delivery intervals, and the amount of inventory LEPS holds on their behalf — all without the need for prepayment. “Our goal is to provide the greatest possible flexibility,” says Gordon Stryker, LEONI Automation & Drives Sales Manager for North America. “Any given consignment agreement will be designed around the customer’s needs, whether those needs are for three months, six months, a year, or more.”

Customers can also ensure their stock of catalog and custom cables. One LEPS customer leverages the consignment program to efficiently stock the made-to-order cables required for its production of measurement devices for the chemical, food and beverage, and other industries. Another customer uses the program to receive custom-designed power cables from LEONI’s Nuremberg, Germany, plant at its appliance production facility in Chicago.

Additional items available through the consignment program include the popular FieldLink® Industrial Ethernet Cat 5e ES, which features limited oil resistance, resistance to UV light, and halogen-free construction. Designed to withstand harsh environments, this cable is popular in factory automation applications, from food and beverage to automotive. It is also approved for communications systems in marine and offshore applications.

In addition, LEPS is emerging as a leading provider of cables to the shipbuilding and offshore oil and gas industries with the LEONI SeaLine® Cat 6A data transmission cable. The RoHS-compliant cable, designed to be fire resistant and flame retardant according to IEC standards, maintains its functional integrity during fire influence for 180 minutes. The sunlight-resistant LEONI SeaLine is available with three types of halogen-free, low-smoke outer sheaths and comes with optional steel-wire-braided armor to protect against corrosion.

Given its broad catalog, flexible terms, and the inclusion of custom designs, the LEPS consignment program allows customers to reduce overhead and improve forecasting by guaranteeing their supply chains for their most critical cable components. They can also enjoy peace of mind, knowing their cables are built and delivered by the world’s leading cable manufacturer and designer, LEONI AG. “You get to take the worry out of being out of stock,” says Stryker.

LEPS’ industrial cables are available through the Automation & Drives Business Unit in Lake Orion, Michigan. To participate in the consignment program, or to learn more about our cable inventory, contact Gordon Stryker at Gordon.Stryker@Leoni.com or 248-961-7823.