LEONI’s engineering team works passionately on the right solution

A medical manufacture for analyzing equipment used to identify Coronary Artery Disease, reached out to LEONI looking for a low cost/low volume cable system solution. They wanted to work with a cable manufacturer that could quickly and efficiently produce the entire cable system. The cable design and assembly design included many different challenges including fiber termination and overmolding, and our customer found it difficult to find a company that could provide all of these capabilities. After learning that LEONI could do it all under one roof, it was an easy decision to become a partner.

Working closely with the customer, LEONI Elocab’s skilled engineering team was able to answer the many questions regarding poor equipment performance & failures the customer was experiencing in the field. By pinpointing these design flaws, our experienced team of engineers were able to develop a bulk cable and assembly design which met & exceeded the strict tolerances and requirements needed for this equipment to perform at peak levels.

To help our customer who was in a line down situation, our engineering team designed the cable using components that we had in stock to reduce lead time and provide a quick turnaround of the prototypes within a few weeks.

Because of LEONI Elocab’s ability to design, produce and ship products quickly, the customer was able to analyze our finished cable assembly’s form and functionality in the equipment and avoid costly downtime, resulting in higher sales in greater productivity for them.