LEONI Tailor Made Products announces a new product offering, intONE™: Your Interconnect Solutions and Systems Partner

Kitchener, ON, Canada – LEONI Tailor Made Products is utilizing their knowledge in cable and systems design to provide you the first ever custom-engineered Full Service Solution available on the market.

The LEONI intONE™ team is dedicated to being your full service solution provider for your next project. What does this mean? You will benefit from LEONI’s extensive knowledge and experience in cable and systems engineering as well as harmonized electronics design. We will work hand-in-hand with your Engineering team and combine our knowledge into-one turnkey solution tailor-made to you. This means: You and your engineers can focus on developing the core technology of your application and leave the rest to us.  LEONI will be your partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your project to help you bring your concept to reality.

What you can expect from a LEONI intONE™ Project:

  • Complete cable assembly consultation
  • 3D CAD models ready to be integrated into your equipment design
  • 3D mapping of the cable assembly routing within your product
  • Engineered design with bill of materials and specifications
  • Component identification, selection and qualification
  • Full project management services
  • Rapid Prototyping with < 4 weeks turnaround times (*)
  • Increased speed to market
  • Intelligent cable technology and digitalization of your cable assembly
  • 3D modelling of “Molded” connectors, strain reliefs, grommets, etc.
  • Unique logistical service to assist in production volume sourcing
  • Industry leading bulk cable minimum order of 300 feet or 100 meters

Some of the industries and applications where customers have already successfully partnered with the LEONI intONE™ team include:

Machinery & Sensors

  • Measuring, Controlling and Vision Technologies for Industrial Applications
  • Public Authorities and Municipalities Inspection Equipment (i.e. sewer, water etc.)
  • Geophysical Monitoring
  • Factory Automation and Industrial Robotics
  • Machine Building and Automation
  • Pick and Place Equipment


  • Data Processing and Control Systems
  • Photolithography Systems
  • Wafer Handling Equipment
  • Inspection Equipment
  • Pick and Place Equipment


  • Endoscopy
  • Aesthetics
  • Surgical Robots
  • Imaging (Ultrasound, MRI, X-Ray, etc)
  • Patient Monitoring    

To speak with someone about your upcoming project and see how the LEONI intONE™ team can help you visit www.leoni-americas.com or call 1-519-893-1155.