LEONI steps up to the challenge in the wake of a pandemic

A long standing customer that works directly with Medical OEM’s, approach LEONI to help design a cable that would be used in COVID-19 test equipment. They required a cable solution that could withstand a long lasting rolling loop and perform reliably over thousands of flex cycles each day. The cable also needed to be compact, robust and have low particulation and outgassing so as not to contaminate the test results. Due to the current world pandemic of COVID-19, it was essential to have a cable partner that could react quickly to this request.

LEONI’s highly trained engineering team got to work quickly to find a solution. We proposed several designs that provided solutions using existing tooling thus shortening the lead-time to customer as well as several profiles to fit the spacing required to build portable compact testing equipment.

The LEONI team has quickly gathered cable components that we had in stock to ensure a prototype cable can be built and ready for testing in record time. The customer has begun to review and approve the proposed cable designs so that prototyping can begin. We look forward to working with our customer and being a partner to help during this time of need.