LEONI shines light on superior cable design

The Leoni team was tasked with creating a product that would meet the aesthetic needs of the customer’s application. The product was installed on LED light ballasts.

Traditional products are an eye sore and the customer was looking for something that blended into the surroundings amongst steel rope supports.

The product had to meet UL, and withstand 5+ years in the field without discoloration, cracking, or becoming cloudy when exposed to daily UV. There were also stringent size requirements on the finished cable that had to be met.

Our solution included clear insulation on the wires, clear tapes and a highly UV resistant clear PVC. Working closely with our PVC suppliers they were able to custom formulate a product and tested it to ensure it met the UV exposure of the application. Both UV and weather simulations were performed and passed.

Our product also had to include a unique wire identification and jacket print that could be visible to the installers but not to bystanders observing the cable from a distance.

The final product met all customer requirements and LEONI produced a product that looked very similar to its neighboring stainless rope supports. A dash wire printing code was used which was completely hidden from observers. The customer was happy with the end product and these cables are still being used in the field.