LEONI’s quotes quickly to meet tight timeline of new DNA analyzer

Amid a world pandemic the LEONI engineering team came together to provide a solution to a leader in laboratory diagnostics for their new DNA analyzer.

Kitchener – A leader in laboratory diagnostics reached out to LEONI looking for a cable assembly solution for their new DNA analyzer. They were working with a short timeline and needed a proposed solution quickly and at the time both teams were working from home amidst a global pandemic. The current solution used high vibration and rattling of the cable assembly. They also needed a solution that was low outgassing to prevent contamination of any samples. The LEONI team would need to provide a design that could have smooth, flowing motion at a tight bend radius.

After reviewing the customer’s needs, we then held conference calls with both teams engineering to review the various challenges they were experiencing with the current cable system.  Our solution combined our HPF and FST cable technology, in a 4-layer design.  By designing the cable system without the traditional track system, they would get the following benefits:

1. 15 million continuous flex cycles (no issues)
2. Reduced friction that minimizes particulation of material and outgassing
3. Self-supporting design so no need for a cable support track
4. Smooth gliding of the cable assembly when moving, 100% “rattle free”
5. Maintenance free solution
6. ISO Class 1 cleanroom ready

Our customer’s team members have expressed their thanks for the effort level and work that we have put into their cable system design.  The team at LEONI looks forward to working with this innovator and being a part of their newest DNA Analyzer.