LEONI partners with catheter manufacturer to make medical breakthroughs

After not being able to find a cable supplier capable of providing a design for their medical catheter solution, this OEM reached out to the custom cable experts for help!

Kitchener – A San Francisco medical start-up connected with one of our sales team through LinkedIn to help with the cable design for a new medical device. Their unique solution helps doctors properly located PICC and CVC catheters in the human body to prevent the catheter probing in the wrong place and damaging major arteries and the heart. The customer was looking for a “one-time use” cable with IV tube combination. Their challenge was to find a cable supplier that could provide a design that could combine the IV tube either with the copper inside the cable jacket, or outside the jacket bonding the tube directly to the jacket. LEONI was up for this challenge!

Over the past several months, the LEONI Elocab engineering team has designed the bulk cable and collaborated with several different medical tubing manufacturers.  The major challenge was the incredibly tight tolerance on the IV tubing ID of 0.015” +/- 0.001’. Very few manufacturers could produce such a tight tolerance, and in some cases, the volumes were not high enough to create a new custom tube.  Several conference calls and a visit to the customer were key to finding a supplier that met their needs.

Partnership for proven results

Over the last month, we have supplied quotes for both prototypes and production assemblies and hope to start prototype builds by the end of this year.  LEONI will work alongside the tube supplier to have the tube thermal bonded to the cables for added strength with the final assemblies with connectors finalized at LEONI.

We continue to support this customer while they finalize their approvals.  The LEONI team looks forward to helping this Medical OEM provide a revolutionary catheter solution to assist doctors and nurses and provide exceptional patient care.