LEONI meets all cable requirements for this OEM’s new recreational vehicle

With space constraints and specific materials needed for their cable needs, this innovator was having trouble finding a supplier to meet all their needs, until they found LEONI!

Kitchener – An industry leader and innovator of outdoor recreational vehicles reached out to the team at LEONI to help with a new cable coil design that would be used in the steering wheel of their new land vehicle. The main challenges the customer faced was space constraints and material selection to help with coil retention and feel. They had reached out to other cable manufacturers, however, were not able to find a manufacturer that could meet all their needs.

The LEONI engineering team met with the customer to learn more about the specifics for their design needs and challenges.  The team reviewed different material options that would work best for their application and in the end went with a TPE jacket material to provide high memory for the coil and provided the finish they were looking for.

Customization for optimal results

After receiving the first batch of coils, the customer is so happy with the results that they have begun two other projects with us.  We are looking forward to supporting this customer through all their projects.