LEONI Launches Matrox Imaging Machine Vision Training

Users of Matrox Imaging smart cameras, controllers, frame grabbers, and machine vision software will be pleased to learn about a Matrox-focused training initiative from LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc. (LEPS).

Backed by decades of training and integration experience, LEONI instructors will be creating turnkey training solutions customized to the customer’s vision system based on Matrox Imaging elements, programs, and specifications. The curriculum leverages and builds on the existing knowledge and skills of technicians and control engineers to provide a basis for working with and editing the parameters of vision projects.

Training on Matrox Imaging components can be performed on LEONI mobile training cells that can be set up in customer facilities or used during hands-on training at LEONI’s Lake Orion, MI, and Nashville, TN, facilities. Training may also be delivered using customer training cells as long as they have the appropriate equipment.

“By tailoring course curriculum to the users and providing on-site training using customers’ own applications, LEONI fluidly improves knowledge transfer,” says Darrell Cope, Training Business Development, Business Unit Robotic Solutions at LEPS. “This will reduce the amount of time students spend in training and ensure better information retention and applicability on the Matrox Imaging products.”

LEPS is currently developing an on-site training program for plant maintenance technicians and skilled trades personnel at a manufacturing facility that plans to install more than 500 Matrox Imaging smart cameras in the next year.

“Education and familiarity with Matrox-based vision systems will be paramount in ensuring success, as well as plant acceptance and the broader ability to utilize Matrox Imaging products as additional components in the manufacturer’s standard automation architecture for assembly error-proofing and increased product quality,” says Andy Reed, Technical Sales, Vision for LEPS.

“The program envisioned by LEONI will provide directly applicable skills to users of Matrox Imaging products and will enhance our commitment to customer training by offering on-site training for the technicians and skilled trades directly at the facility,” says Roberto Baccega, Matrox Imaging’s U.S. Sales Manager. “The skills developed in these sessions will be directly applicable to the day-to-day operation of the equipment and will provide a solid knowledge base for further training offered through our own Matrox Vision Academy.”

As a Matrox Imaging authorized integrator, LEONI can source vision components directly from Matrox and its distributors in any of the 37 countries where LEONI has offices. Additionally, Matrox Imaging–based systems that embed components into a larger piece of automation equipment, including LEONI’s customized training cells on this effort, are available to customers as complete products for purchase.

“Through these initiatives, LEONI offers customers a one-stop shop for vision integration and vision training related to Matrox Imaging products,” Cope says.