LEONI helps with increased speed to market for Medical OEM

After experiencing premature cable failure with a competitor solution, this long-standing customer looked to LEONI to quickly provide a long-lasting solution.

Kitchener – A long-standing customer that works directly with Medical OEM’s was creating a patient bed positioning system that allows turning, manoeuvring and positioning easier and more securely for radiotherapy applications where precise positioning is essential. The customer was struggling with space constraints and multiple 90° directional changes within the tight spaces. The current solution was not durable nor flexible enough to endure continuous movement without premature failure. LEONI developed and designed a product that would be both reliable with increased life expectancy beyond their requirements while withstanding the rigors of the operational environment.

The LEONI Engineering team collaborated closely with the customer allowing the engineering team to assess the challenges of the application quickly and understand the design requirements of the project.  LEONI developed a custom High Performance Flex (HPF) interconnect solution from beginning to end and greatly reduced the customer’s development time.  The custom assembly solution included many breakouts to individual interconnect points.  The cable can withstand continuous loopback motions and continuous torsional stresses with outstanding reliability.

Initially LEONI provided samples of a standard cable for evaluation of flex life and provided a quick solution to begin proof of concept.  The design was then fully customized, and LEONI provided the complete turnkey solution within 12 weeks of order.  They were able to install the product in the bed and enter validation and verification trials on time.

We continue to support this customer while they continue with their testing and evaluation. They were able to enter these trials in a timely manner by taking advantage of our industry leading MOQ’s, cable assembly consultation and project management services, thus allowing for an increased speed to market where Doctors and patients can take advantage of this revolutionary product.