LEONI faces the challenge of geophysic monitoring

After several no-bids from other competitors the customer approached LEONI to design a cable that needed to meet not only specific electrical requirements but could also fit into the pre-determined connector selected without consideration of the cable OD requirements. The cable is part of a Geophysical Analyzer, measuring CO2, CH4, H20 and Wind.

The LEONI engineering and sales team, presented several configurations each with their own tradeoffs. By educating the customer and the end user, they were ultimately able to select an option that would fulfil their physical and electrical needs.

LEONI’s willingness to accept the challenge, spend the time to educate the customer and present options and not just provide a one size fits all approach or worse yet to No-Bid, provided a solution for the customer that remains active today on new and legacy production and continues to perform well.

The end user had an all too common problem, where a component is chosen before the cable has been identified or spec’d in. LEONI has introduced LEONI intONE™, where LEONI works with the OEM to design the cable and help with connector selection and routing. This ensures that all components are working in synergy and allows you to focus on your application design.

To learn more about LEONI intONE™ or to speak with an engineer about your next project please visitintone or email us directly at infocables@leoni.com