LEONI extends the life of lift assist systems through improved hose management

Lift assist systems help workers manipulate large, heavy parts for assembly, packaging, and other commercial applications, helping prevent and reduce job-related injuries. But the benefits go above and beyond safety. Lift assist systems also offer manufacturers improved productivity, more flexible staffing options, higher morale, and lower turnover rates.

So it is no surprise that lift assist systems are the hero of many industrial applications. And no one likes to see a hero fail.

That was the problem a North American automotive manufacturer was facing due to failing umbilical systems – the hose components that carry power and control signals to lift assist actuators. As a result of broken hoses and springs, the lift assist station was regularly losing power, bringing production to a standstill. 

Fortuitously, LEONI Engineering Products & Services has experts in industrial cabling and hoses, as well as function packages and robot dresspacks, both of which are very similar to lift assist installations. LEONI is known for supplying the most advanced and reliable dresspack systems on the market, including the LSH 3 for industrial systems and the LEONI B-Flex for collaborative robotic systems. So, for LEONI, developing a solution was quick and easy.

In lift assist and robotic applications, corrugated hoses with automatic retraction mechanisms surround and protect critical electronic control cables and electrical, hydraulic, or compressed air power hoses. While the external hose protects internal hoses and cables, a retraction mechanism keeps the hose assembly out of the way of the operator. By leveraging spring-loaded retraction and best-in-class hose materials, LEONI was able to retrofit the manufacturer’s lift assist system and get production back on track.

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