LEONI EPS Named Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots in North America in the field of Vision applications

LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc. (LEONI EPS), North America’s leading supplier of robot equipment, automation training, and machine vision solutions, is pleased to be named a Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots in the field of Vision applications.

Universal Robots, a global authority on easily programmable, safe, and flexible industrial robots, manufactures collaborative robot arms that optimize production and ensure quality control in a variety of applications, including pick-and-place, injection molding, packaging and palletizing, and assembly. As a Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots, LEONI EPS has been proven qualified to assist customers throughout North America in collaborative robotics applications that use Universal Robots’ robot arms for vision applications.

“LEONI EPS is an AIA Certified System Integrator with more advanced-level Certified Vision Professionals than any other North American machine vision integrator,” says Nicholas Tebeau, Director of Sales for LEONI EPS. “That, combined with our leading position in general automation, including robotic design and service, and our state-of-the-art Automation Training Centers in Lake Orion, Michigan, and Nashville, Tennessee, uniquely position us to provide the industry’s best collaborative robotics solutions.”

In addition to its vision integration capabilities, LEONI EPS offers the LEONI B-Flex, the first commercially available flexible cable management system for lightweight robots, including Universal Robots collaborative robot applications.