LEONI Elocab Ltd. designs cable able to survive the harsh ocean environment

A North American innovator for marine robotics, approached LEONI to develop a cable that would be used in their unmanned ocean monitoring vessel. These vessels go into the ocean and collect data for 2-3 months at a time. The data is then collected from the vessel to be analyzed. The cables used in in these vessels need to be able to withstand rough ocean climate and exposure to marine life. During ocean storms, the cable could be pulled with several thousand pounds of force down into the ocean. LEONI’s engineering team needed to design a cable that was not only robust but high flex and have data components.

The LEONI in house engineering team met with the customer to understand the application and the importance of the cable construction. The final product had to fit within a very confined envelope in the umbilical. It was also critical that the cable have high tensile strength and resistance to extreme wrenching.

Our engineering team developed and tested a highly customized 30 AWG alloy reinforced Cat6 cable. These features were key in meeting the dimensional requirements along with the robust construction and ability to collect data.

The marine vessel was successfully deployed in the field using LEONI’s cable, and is still used to date, proving that LEONI’s cables can outlive the oceans harsh environment!

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