Leoni develops smart mounting solution for lightweight robots

Thermoplastic material offers versatile use on the robot arm

Nuremberg – Leoni has developed a new solution for attaching components and dresspacks to lightweight and collaborative robots. This now enables the leading European supplier of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries to serve a wide variety of segments and markets in industrial robotics.

With the “Leoni B-Flex”, the company expands its portfolio to include a flexible, slip-resistant attachment solution for lightweight robots. The basic principle behind the solution couldn’t be simpler: consisting of two components, the hook-and-loop straps and the flexible mounts, the hook-and-loop strap is threaded into the matching insertion slots on the mount for installation on the robot. The mounts are then positioned in the chosen location on the robot and the components are then inserted between the hook-and-loop strap and mount. As a last step, only the hook-and-loop strap needs to be pulled tight and closed.

This quick and simple tool-less installation is just one of the advantages of this solution, which is also suitable for making quick repairs by fastening components to larger robot arms or the conduit. Thanks to the thermoplastic material, which gives the mounts their superior flexibility, “Leoni B-Flex” can also be used on a wide variety of surfaces, sections and circumferences without the risk of slippage. The system is also particularly suitable for use with collaborative robots that work side-by-side with human operatives: the pliant material prevents injuries due to sharp edges. The mounting solution also weighs very little and has very few protrusions thanks to its low-profile design.

“Leoni B-Flex” is Leoni’s solution for application scenarios and markets in which lightweight and collaborative robots are now being deployed. These range from activities such as deburring, populating, packing and assembly in existing industries through to deployment in entirely new markets such as watchmaking, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and furnishings.