LEONI develops application specific test device for cable validation

When more detailed testing is required to validate cable design and understand cable failures, LEONI will work with its customers to develop application specific tests.

Kitchener, December – A leading North American manufacturer of lift trucks, approached LEONI as they were experiencing cable failures and wanted our help to understand the cause. LEONI had previously built other test devices; however, these test fixtures were not able to replicate all failures experienced in the field. For this reason, LEONI decided to test the cables in the application itself to ensure the data gathered was under real life conditions.

After careful review by our engineers, they identified exactly when the failure was occurring in the application.  In order to confirm this, and find a solution, the LEONI team purchased a decommissioned model of the equipment and identified the weak areas of the cable such as design, material, installation, etc.

Application specific results

Verification of several LEONI designed solutions alongside a competitor cable provided test results showing our superior cable performance.  The cables ran side by side for 75,000 cycles as the customer considered this acceptable without seeing failure.

By creating a test fixture that was identical to the application, we were able to provide an optimal design for the customer and win the bid for developing these cables for serial production.
If you have test requirements for your application or need to identify a failure reach out to infocables@leoni.com or visit www.leoni-americas.com/testing