LEONI cables are out of this world

With proven results using a LEONI cable solution, this leader in humanoid robots reached out to work with our team again to design a cable solution for their next generation robot.

Kitchener – A long-standing customer of LEONI Elocab, who is a leader in humanoid robots for use in space, reached out to LEONI to help with the design of their next generation robot that is still working on the international space station! The newly designed cable will help with communication, power supply and safety systems for several parts of the robot. One of the biggest challenges that our engineering team would face is the strict OD restrictions and the many components needed in the design.

Initially, the whole design process started with brainstorming the layouts that were the most practical for the application.  The LEONI engineering team designed three different cables, with minor modification to the components and layouts.  Using the original cable design as a reference, the team also tried different combinations to achieve a final OD of about 13mm, which was within the tight OD restrictions.  After reviewing the designs with the customer and implementing some suggestions from the customer, the engineering team presented a “out of the box” solution that would meet all their requirements.

Out of the box solutions

Because of the cable O.D. restrictions, we offered to do an oval shaped (egg shaped) cable by removing a lot of fillers, thereby decreasing the mass of the cable and increasing the lateral flexibility to be able to be drawn into a 14mm tube.

We look forward to continuing to work with this out of this world customer and contributing to groundbreaking discoveries!