LEONI cable expertise ensures robust designs and quick results

LEONI was approached by a leader in Laboratory Diagnostic Equipment after being provided bad advice from a LEONI competitor. They not only received poor advice, but their current suppliers lack of technology expertise and product offering, could not meet the high flex requirements and bend radius needed, resulting in major failures of the system. There are currently over 200 units installed worldwide using the competitors cable system solution, which were causing failures in the field. Many of these failing in less than 90 days and engineers were being flown around the world to repair on site, consequently causing wasted time and expenses.

This situation was leaving the laboratory diagnostic leader no choice but to identify a supply partner that understood their application. LEONI would need to design and qualify an entirely new cable and cable system in 4 weeks!

Understanding the great urgency in qualifying a new cable design, LEONI was able to expedite a 300ft prototype order of the bulk cable in 3 weeks, so that our customer could build assemblies in-house and expedite the evaluation.

With LEONI’s past experience in cable design and cable systems for the customer’s specific industry and samples to explore, the customer’s confidence was instilled and they knew that LEONI was the right choice. A High Performance Flex (HPF) cable with a center pocket single strength member provided the answers they were looking for!

LEONI’s prototype cable continues to perform very well and there have been no failures during qualification and testing!